Electric Scooter EEC approved 1200W 20AH - Harley Design

€1,416.66 Save €666.67 Tax included
This electric scooter with a Harley look design will impress you ... With materials chosen with care these scooter has crazy performance, all eyes will be on you! Its 1200W electric motor and a 60 V 20Ah lithium battery let you browse the road with a speed up to 50 km! With its imposing 18-inch wheels, LED headlamps his front and rear hydraulic brakes discs will drive you safely and with comfort. The style is Unique, elegant and impressive. It is an approved EEC scooter, all the documents are provided to apply for registration so you can ride legally!
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HIGHLIGHTS: It approved electric scooter equipped with Li-ion Battery 20 Ah (included) Removable allows you to ride up to 50 km journey. Super Powerful 1200W: Speed ??40 km/h, up to 30 degrees, you can roll easily when you are driving this scooter. rubber Tire 18 inches, front rear suspension, everything is made for your comfort! The digital display shows the speed, speed mode, battery, route distance The body is made of aluminum alloy, it is lightweight, high strength, the Maximum load: 200Kg. Front rear suspensions Dimension HxLxP 200 * 43 * 75 cm weight (net/gross) 68Kg/72 kg. Engine 1200 W Tire Diameter: 18 Inches. Maximum distance: 40-50 km. Maximum load: 200 kg Battery 20 Ah Maximum slope 30 ° recharge 3-4 time hours. Maximum speed: 40 km/h ur AV110V-screen 240V

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