Silicone Case for 6.5 Inches HOVERBOARD - Camouflage

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These Camouflage silicone shells designed by DIRECTHOVERBOARD, are made from the best quality silicone. Tailored for all types of hoverboard, they allow your hoverboard to keep its chic style élégant. With their microfiber lining, your hoverboard will be better protected.


Silicone Protective Case 6.5 Inches Hoverboard-Camouflage-Black/Green Easy to install remove on his hoverboard. Composed of two pieces (a square each side). Hoverboard Protects against scratches shocks. Enclosing the shell protects the entire device, including the following. aesthetic function, which allows to dress up customize your hoverboard. French Professional seller, shipping within 24 hours. sent from France, 48-72h Delivery with tracking number. You will be informed of the shipping status of the package.