Hoverboard Pack Hummer Hip Pop And Black Hoverkart ALL TERRAIN

€216.66 Save €208.33 Tax included
Enjoy a full pack Hoverboard hummer Hoverkart + ALL TERRAIN. The hummer Hoverboards New Generations are the latest models in the market which benefit from the latest advanced technologies in the field. Even on dirt road, your hoverboard Hummer 8.5 Inches will be under control with its integrated balancing system. It incorporates two engines with a power of 350 W each, allowing you to drive up to 12km/h. The hoverkart turns your hoverboard into a electric kart that will allow you to go up to 20km/h. Ideal for parties with friends and family. Easy to use, the clip attachment system makes it possible to attach detach in seconds

Pack Hoverboard 8.5 Inches Hummer Graffiti HIP HOP with a Black Hoverkart. This pack contains a Hoverboard hummer with bluetooth, a bag, and a remote control with a Hoverkart all terrain. With 2 electric motor of 350W each you can drive up to 12km/h, its quality premium battery 4400 mAh will provide maximum autonomy: 15 Km Its wheels of 8.5 "will allow you to take a slope up to 15 °. Its 2 LED position lights will make you locate in the dark. the turns are Hoverkart hoverboard electric kart for you to go up to 20 km/h. 2 years warranty. Shipped within 48 hours, with number followed, sent from France. You will be informed of the shipping status of the package.

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