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With our Hoverkart you can turn your hoverboard in karting easily. Moving in the urban jungle becomes a pleasure. With its 6-inch inflatable wheels this all-terrain hoverkart has a solid stability. Indeed, thanks to its solid structure double rear suspension you can ride on any surface without being blocked or slowed. You will enjoy Karting with your Hoverboard

The Hoverkart DIRECTHOVERBOARD is part of our latest products allow you to have fun with your hoverboard as you had never done before. Featuring straps resistant hooks an adjustable center bar, our Kart Kit is compatible with all hoverboards market. Indeed, his very resistant grip system fits on all models all wheel sizes. At the driving levers allow the instantaneous displacement of the hoverboard operable to guide the vehicle to the left or right. With a little practice you will be able to make 360 ?? take turns. If your hoverboard is powerful enough even Hoverkart allows you to do wheelies! The Hoverkart is delivered in parts mounts easily in 10 short minutes. You can hang your hoverboard over in less than 10 seconds. Buy Hoverkart DIRECTHOVERBOARD is sure to receive a quality product our service. Our teams and warehouses are located in France.

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