INMOTION Monowheel V10

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Under the handle, there is a button which serves as breaker: by pressing it, you will be able to lift the wheel without the fear of jamming the engine. By releasing the button the engine restarts to be functional as soon as the wheel will touch the ground. For visibility, the V10 is equipped with smart headlight and brake light. It also has Bluetooth speakers to play music while driving. There are cushions on the upper part of the hull pedals covered with a slightly soft rubber-like coating. The lightweight pedals are in V shape and are around 17 cm from the ground, which should allow tight maneuvers and freestyle tricks.
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TECHNICAL DATA: Maximum Autonomy: 45 km-55 km. Charging time: 6 hours. Lithium-ion battery 12.8 Ah/960 Wh. Maximum load: 120Kg. Weight 20.6Kg. Load voltage AC: 90-240V. Operating Temperature -10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Required age: From 18. Maximum speed: 40 km/h electric propulsion. 2 years warranty. Engine 1800 watts. Load voltage AC: 90-240V². Tire Diameter: 40.64 cm. Bluetooth connectivity. Waterproof Standard: IP55. Wheel size: 16 inches

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