INMOTION Monowheel V9

€647.50 Save €310.00 Tax included
It is compact, elegant and powerful. The V8 offers ideal gliding sensations with optimum safety. With its elegant and modern line, Inmotion V8 charms at first glance. The height of the pedals allows a wide variety of movements, and ensures you a better distribution of your center of gravity. In crowded places where you have to walk, its integrated trolley allows easy movement by rolling beside you. No need to turn it off to climb stairs, the engine button below the handle will block the gyroscopic effect of the wheel when you take it in hand. Roll also at night: thanks to its built-in lighthouse, and its rear signaling customizable light effects.

TECHNICAL DATA: Maximum Autonomy: 35 km-40 km. Charging time: 4-5 hours. Lithium-ion 6.4 Ah. Maximum load: 120Kg. Weight 13.8Kg. Load voltage AC: 90-240V. Operating Temperature -10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Required age: From 18. Maximum speed: 30 km/h Engine: 800 watts. 2-year warranty. Electric motor. Load voltage AC: 90-240V². Tire Diameter: 40.64 cm. Bluetooth connectivity. Waterproof Standard: IP55. Wheel size: 16 '

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