INMOTION Monowheel V5F

€505.83 Save €160.00 Tax included
Big sister of the V5 self-balancing unicycle by Inmotion, The V5F model offers a fun effective way to move around. With 25 km/h maximum speed for a range of up to 30 km, it is ideal for all your urban travel. This self-balancing unicycle features LED lights front rear, blue red respectively to be easily identifiable in your nightly trips. When you will receive V5, you will have a carrying handle incorporating a safety button which will provide a wheel lock, this way will avoid any risk that it snaps into unexpectedly road. The model V5F incorporates a trolley handle for easy transportation.

TECHNICAL DATA: Maximum Autonomy: 25 km-35 km. Charging time: 3-4 hours. Battery: Lithium Ion 4 Ah/288 Wh. Maximum load: 120kg. Device weight: 12Kg. Tension load: 90-240V AC. . Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Age: From 18 years old. Maximum speed: 25 km/h electric propulsion. Warranty: 2 years Motor: 550 watts. Load voltage AC: 90-240V². Tires diameter: 35.56 cm. Waterproof Standard: IP55. Wheel size: 16 '

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