Monowheel Ninebot One Z10 by ninebot

€1,374.17 Tax included
Perfect for sports fans who want to try a new way to travel. Are you a professional racer but tired ordinary vehicles? The electric unicycle One Z10 ninebot with his powerful running performance will allow you to climb mountain for daily entertainment with friends and family. With its powerful engine, its cool appearance, you will have no fear to drive on differents roads. You will achieve your racing excitement in seconds!

The electric unicycle Segway One Z10 offers a 1800W motor a battery 995wh. This self-balancing unicycle is a concentrate of technology with its general line of Xtreme Solowheel, an apparent wheel well a slightly leaning forward hull but also many small peculiarities: a taillight "very smart", a removable rear fender, an adjustable trolley, beautiful footrests a mixture of materials elegant tones well. The apparent wide wheel gives im Power Pressure stability robustness. TECHNICAL: maximum autonomy. 90 km Charging time 9 hours. Lithium Li-ion 995 Wh. Maximum load: 150Kg. weight: 32.4Kg. Load voltage AC: 100-240V. Operating Temperature -10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Maximum speed: 45 km/h electric propulsion. 2 years warranty. Electric Motor ². Tire Diameter: 45 cm. Bluetooth connectivity. Waterproof Standard: IP54. Wheel Size: 18 Inches

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