Scooter BRLN V2

€715.83 Save €200.00 Tax included
The model BRLN V2 is a foldable electric scooter brand which combines speed, range and style. It is the perfect companion for movins around the city. With retractable handles, this foldable scooter for adults is useful to drive easily in urban areas. For safety, the scooter has front and rear brakes drum that can be activated quickly by levers located at the handle. A brake stop is also located at the rear wheel. There are also lights, front (white) rear (red), to improve visibility in the night. The front wheel is mounted with a tire an inflatable air chamber which can thus be replaced, while the rear wheel is full and hard wheel.

TECHNICAL DATA: Maximum Range: 15km- 20km. Charging time 4-6 hours. Lithium-ion Battery 36V/7.3 Ah. Maximum load: 100Kg. Weight 12Kg. Load voltage AC: 90-240V. Operating Temperature -10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Required age: From 18. Maximum speed: 25 km/h electric propulsion. 350 watts motor. 2 years warranty. Load voltage AC: 90-240V². 20.32 cm tires diameter. Waterproof Standard: IP54. Wheel size: 8 inches

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