Châssis hoverboard 6,5 à 10"

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The main component of any hoverboard is the chassis frame. Built from high quality aluminium and machined to perfection. Durable centre connection capable of supporting the recommended weight without bending or breaking.


Broken hoverboard? Don’t worry we can help!


The frame of Directhoverboard or any other swegway is the skeleton of the board. It must be able to withstand the weight of the user but remain flexible for all those bumps you go over. This is why the chassis frame is carved out of a single aluminium block.


Aluminium is widely used in aerospace technology due to its incredible strength and light weight properties, this is why we use it. To allow you to hover faster, for longer.


Different frame sizes are available to fit all hoverboards available. If you are unsure what one you need, please contact us at repairs by directhoverboard.


Directhoverboard offers a repair service, to replace your frame and get you gliding again. Most other jobs can be attempted by a DIYer, but this one we highly recommend you send it in for us to do, it can get very tricky.