Hoverboard Smartboard Smart Chic C1 - Black

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The hoverboard the IO Chic brand is the pattent owning company. Hoverboard started at O Chic laboratories, they are the only ones so far to distribute manufacturing licenses worldwide. Lightweight, rugged stylish you can not go wrong, if there is a choice to do we recommend you the IO chic C1.

In the family of Segway? t hoverboards, the Smartboard C1 Black proposed by IO CHIC is a unique alternative of its kind, providing an ideal compromise between the towering Segway monowheel. The Smartboard C1 promises a h s making easier to make your favorite means of transport in the city. Features: Speed ??10 km/h Range 15 km Fully charged in 2-3 hours. Device weight 10Kg Max 100Kg. Motor 300W 36V Li-ion battery 4,4AH Waterproof IP54. 59x19x18 cm size matt black paint. French Professional seller, shipping within 24 hours. sent from France, 48-72h Delivery with tracking number. You will be informed of the shipping status of the package. 2 years warranty.

Hoverboard Dance!!

MUST SEE THESE GUYS! The worlds first premium conceptual Airboard / Hoverboard dance DirectHoverboard video! I swear the camera was on a swag way too! Outrageously amazing!

Hoverboard Guide

Very easy to learn, easy to carry everywhere thanks to its bag provided, the hoverboard is for everyone, teenagers as adults, wishing to learn this new way to move effortlessly at DirectHoverboard.

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