6.5 Inches HOVERBOARD sky with stars + Bluetooth + Bag + Remote

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Hoverboard 6.5 INCHES CLASSIC, BLUETOOTH, CARRYING BAG, REMOTE. Color Sky with Star Super Chic! The Hoverboard least among the best selling models DIRECTHOVERBOARD. This already cult hoverboard benefits from the latest innovation. This is one of the most fun small electric vehicles.

New generation !!! Samsung battery, carrying case, remote control Bluetooth! Engine 2x350 W LED color Equipped with long-range Bluetooth enabled android ios Speakers sound quality adjustable upper from your phone Lithium Battery certified 36v 4.4Ah Charging time: 3 hours. max speed: 15km/h (depending on weight) Max: 100lbs Autonomy: 1 hour on a full charge. (Varies according to the weight). Shipped within 48 hours. with tracking number, sent from France. You will be informed of the shipping status of the package.

Instruction for Use

When driving, you only need to slightly lean forward, lean back or stand upright, then the Scooter will complete the corresponding action- move forward or backward, change directions, or rotate in situ. So during the process of driving your sense of balance and sports performance will be trained and improved. What's more, the operational weight, running speed and engine output power of the scooter are limited, which ensures the safety.

To ensure your safety in use, we recommend the use of safety protection equipment, such as helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and etc.

Please observe the local law when using.

Once in place on the mini skate, you just have to lean forward gently to move forward and just as gently back to back:

This exercise is educational to learn how to move forward and backward easily with electric skateboarding and to find the balance needed for driving. You can ask to be accompanied during your various tests so that you can adopt this way of moving.  Warning: You must stay as straight as possible and balance your weight on the platforms equally on BOTH sides of the skateboard. If he leans too much on one side, the skateboard may stop abruptly because the weight will not be distributed ideally (the sensor will understand that someone comes down from the skateboard and he will stop):

Then to turn right, just push lightly on the right leg (weight transfer) and the mini skate will move to the right. Same thing on the left leg, so turn left. If this pressure is maintained on the right leg or the left leg, the mini skate will then turn clockwise (clockwise - right leg) or counterclockwise (counterclockwise) - left leg) and that on the spot. It will take a few minutes to fully master this hoverboard and succeed in finding the perfect balance for his driving.

Hoverboard Dance!!

MUST SEE THESE GUYS! The worlds first premium conceptual Airboard / Hoverboard dance DirectHoverboard video! I swear the camera was on a swag way too! Outrageously amazing!

Hoverboard Guide

Very easy to learn, easy to carry everywhere thanks to its bag provided, the hoverboard is for everyone, teenagers as adults, wishing to learn this new way to move effortlessly at DirectHoverboard.

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